Kendal Civic Society

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Kendal to Lancaster Canal

The Lancaster to Kendal Canal is no longer in water at any point in Kendal. It is now filled in and the gound used as a cycle path along part of it's length.

Kendal Civic Society, an affiliated member of the Lancaster Canal Trust, has long been concerned with the re-opening of the Lancaster - Kendal Canal. As its title makes clear, the Society’s main interest is in preserving the historic aspect of the Canal. In the 1990s it was felt that a record should be made of all the remaining links with the Canal. To this end, a report was prepared, in 2000 for a South Lakeland District Council committee (Northern Reaches Canal Management Team), then studying proposals to bring the filled-in northern section of the Lancaster – Kendal Canal into water. The purpose of the report was to demonstrate the importance of the canal and its associated buildings as part of Kendal’s industrial heritage.

The Society printed 100 copies of the report and such was the demand from the general public that a more reader-friendly and expanded book was published in 2001, which is now completely sold out.

The vital part of the above, as far as the Society is concerned, is “the importance of the canal and its associated buildings.“  The Change Bridge and Natland Mill Beck Lane Bridge were in a state of decay and in desperate need of conservation. The Society raised funds to repair them and the work was carried out by SLDC to a high standard. The Society were also involved with trying to save Thompson's Wharf, adjacent to the Change Bridge, without success.